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SOP. It’s What’s For Dinner.

After ten days of but blushing the political wires and a total blackout of topical cable news, I don’t feel even a hint of civic withdrawal. And better yet, my cynicism is still evergreen and… Keep Reading

Art Attack

Next Months Doggerel Today.

Autumn pretends to have the answers Ask me, we unfailingly fall for questions like a debrief bereft of particulars or the white lies in a third act shadow play this silhouette season this trace of… Keep Reading

Art Attack

Vox Pop

The Grid vibes Old Testament. Too tabularly tribal. Too personal. Too punishing. Too eye for an I. Locke and logic. Like a pre-Socratic scrum moving toward a signal… mistaken for a voice. Imp impetus loud… Keep Reading

Art Attack

Taking A Bite Of The Unabated

I can’t recall poemin’ about the orphanage (wards of the state are prone to dropping Gs) and please stash the solicitude and sympathies as decades have washed the Dickens out of trespass, mine or my… Keep Reading

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